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Financial AI Agent For Finance

In an era where technology continuously reshapes the landscape of client interaction, Finley AI’s Financial AI Agent emerges as a pioneering force for fintechs and financial institutions. Since the internet’s inception, the evolution of digital platforms has significantly altered how financial services engage with their clientele. From the rudimentary digital presence of the mid-90s to today’s comprehensive online client experiences, each technological advancement has expanded the digital reach of companies and transformed client behaviour.

“If in the early 2000’s every firm needed a website and in 2008 every fintech company needed an app, we firmly believe that every company by 2025 will need an AI agent. Given this, it was vital for us to develop the Finley AI Agent using the powerful capabilities of generative AI but without compromising user privacy and addressing hallucinations, hurdles that the financial sector often encounter with generative AI,” Elemi Atigolo - Former HSBC Private Wealth Manager, AI Developer and Co-founder of Finley AI

The Era of Conversational AI in Financial Services

The latest seismic shift in consumer technology, conversational AI, is poised to redefine client interactions in a manner as profound as the internet itself. The rapid adoption of conversational AI platforms, exemplified by ChatGPT’s unprecedented growth of achieving 100 million users in two months, ‘no mean feat’! This underscores the transformative potential of AI technologies that can think, analyse, and take action, all while engaging in a conversation. This leap from static, decision-tree style systems to dynamic interfaces heralds a new era of intuitive and seamless client engagement and experience through conversation.

For financial businesses aiming to navigate this new era of elevated client experience, enhanced financial insights, and trained financial intelligence, the adoption of groundbreaking technology is critical. Enter the AI agent, AI agents are autonomous, AI-driven systems capable of directly interacting with clients to address their needs and execute tasks on their behalf.

The introduction of an AI agent is indispensable for truly capitalising on current technological advancements. It transcends the basic functionalities of merely predicting the next word or providing static information about a firm’s services and opening hours. It’s about redefining the client interaction landscape, offering new, elevated client experiences and client service models.

Meet Finley AI - The Financial Generative AI Agent

Finley AI is a conversational financial generative AI agent trained on finance and financial guidance knowledge frameworks. Providing real-time financial data and insights through a secure API, designed to add empathetic, privacy-centric conversational AI to any financial service or solution.

At Finley AI, we are at the forefront of developing financial AI agents tailored for the financial sector. Our support from leading technology companies and working with regulatory bodies, including the Financial Conduct Authority, Microsoft, Google, and NVIDIA, underscore our commitment to innovation without compromising user safety and privacy—a critical consideration in the financial industry.

Today the true essence of a client-centric service for firms and fintechs extends well beyond the mere provision of financial solutions. It involves offering an engaging, conversational experience that is always accessible and on-demand, complemented with financial intelligence. This method paves the way for interactions that are both intuitive and inherently human.  Through the deployment of sophisticated AI agents like Finley AI, financial businesses can position themselves not just to meet but to far exceed client expectations, thereby setting a new standard of excellence in the financial sector. 

Trained in finance, our Finley AI agent possesses the capability to grasp and offer nuanced financial guidance and market insights, offering financial firms the opportunity to deliver a continuous, intelligent, and conversational client experience. Which aims to enhance client engagement, improve client scalability, and alleviate the workload on human advisors, thereby boosting the firm’s ROI.

Finley AI helps to transform mundane interactions into meaningful client relationships for your firm or fintech, enriched with a depth of financial understanding and insights that deeply surpass traditional approaches.

Finley AI: Financial Generative AI Agent

Advanced, Conversational, and Trustworthy AI

Deploying financial conversational AI poses unique challenges, from ensuring accuracy and compliance to maintaining empathy and engagement. Finley AI addresses these challenges head-on, offering an enterprise-grade financial AI agent that is advanced, conversational, empathic and privacy focused. Our agents trained in finance and financial guidance are equipped to provide up-to-date information, financial analysis, global stock news, and insights into market trends, leveraging data spanning 15 years to empower users with informed decision-making capabilities.


Moreover, Finley AI agents are designed for natural, empathetic interaction, understanding the nuances of language, context, and client emotions. With capabilities to communicate in multiple languages, our agents offer personalised and inclusive experiences. To enhance trustworthiness, Finley AI incorporates enterprise PII redaction, content moderation, retrieval augmentation, and safeguarding measures to help protect client personal information, and reduce misuse and privacy concerns.

Finley AI: Financial Generative AI Agent

Elevate Your Client Experience with Finley AI

Finley AI is dedicated to simplifying the integration of financial generative AI for financial firms, enabling them to offer unparalleled client services. Our mission is to empower your clients to navigate the complexities of finance with confidence, enhancing their decision-making and enriching their financial well-being.

We invite financial companies, fintechs, and financial professionals to explore the transformative potential of Finley AI. For more information or to schedule a demo, visit our website at or reach out directly. Join us in shaping the future of financial services with cutting-edge conversational AI.

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